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The coast of Marín is dotted with a large number of beaches sheltered by the Ría de Pontevedra. Its waters are crystalline with white and fine sands and forests falling on them, which makes them paradisiacal beaches with natural shade by the vegetation.
Marín is the first municipality of Galicia to have the EMAS certification of environmental management.
Beach of Portocelo
This beach has blue flag and all the services of showers, disabled access, service of surveillance, indications of the state of the sea and daily cleaning among others. It also has a large car park where you can leave the cars in the shade.
Mogor Beach
This is a beautiful beach very sheltered, and less than a kilometer from Marín. This beach has blue flag, and has all the serivcios. It is quiet since it is practically in full estuary of Pontevedra, so that there is no swell, and the water tends to have a better temperature than the nearby beaches.
Beach of Aguete
The beach of Aguete is the third closest beach to Marín. Awarded blue flag, has a sea club where regattas are prepared and monitored sailing courses are given. It is divided into several small beaches between which there are ways to get from one to another. It has a small hidden part that is called the Beach of the Lovers, and is used to make nudism.
The walk that joins these three contiguous beaches (Portocelo, Mogor and Aguete) was called by the town hall * the blue trail *.
Beach of Loire
The beach of Loira is a beach in form of dune and circumvalada by a small river that empties in the sea. On this beach, currents of air are created that refresh those who want to take the sun and get a pleasant temperature while lying on the sand. It is peculiar the aspect of the village of Loire, erected on a small hill with house typical of the area.

It has the usual life-saving stalls, wastebaskets, showers, lava feet, ramps for handicapped access to the sand, barriers to remove navigation from the bath area, which allows them to take a bath with total tranquility and enjoy a full day of Beach.

Playa del Santo
The beach of Santo do Mar, also with blue flag, is at the end of the municipality. In front of the beach, on the island of the same name, there are the remains of an old hermitage built in the 13th century and dedicated to San Clemente by the Admiral of Rianxo, Paio Gómez Charino, commemorating the victory over the Moors in Seville.
Beach of the Coviña
Beach sheltered and not very easy access, with golden sands and about 100 meters in length.
Lapamán Beach
This is a beach of about 600 meters in length, with an average width of 30 meters that borders with the town hall of Bueu, being a beach sheltered with crystal clear waters and very fine white sand. Beach of high occupation especially in the month of July. It has a lush vegetation next to it that offers us the coolness of a shade. It is a semiurban beach with fine, shell-shaped sand, which is worth visiting.


The municipality of Marín is located in the northern part of the Morrazo peninsula, in the estuary of Pontevedra and the capital of the municipality is located 7 kilometers from Pontevedra city.
Military Naval School
Since 1943, the Naval Military School has been a reference both in solitary life and in the projection of Marín as a village of marine character.
In his classrooms have received instruction both Mr. Juan Carlos I of Bourbon, and his son, HM King Don Felipe VI.
Port of Marín
Marín has always been linked to the sea and fishing, from its origins to the present.

The port of Marín is the third port of Galicia in terms of volume of cargo received and one of the most important Spanish fishing ports. It occupies a zone of good draft in the Ría de Pontevedra, and maintains excellent communications, even by rail.
Ecoparque Multiaventura
It is the only multi-adventure and active tourism park in Galicia. In total there are more than 70 different games, with zip lines up to 120 meters in length and 11 meters in height, to which there is the possibility of making their routes on horseback through the wonderful surroundings of the park.
Petroglyphs of Mogor
Undoubtedly the prehistoric jewel of Marín are the petroglyphs of Mogor, found in the hill of Mogor, immediately to the Villa of Marín. Still some copies of the form of sets of concentric circles associated with each other, and of the labyrinth type, are still preserved. Among them destan * A Pedra dos Mouros *, * Stone of the Labyrinth * and * Os Campiños *.

The Mogor labyrinths are very similar to similar ones found on the Isle of Wier, south of Lapland, on the eastern coast of Sweden, as well as in Finland on the island of Gothland, Iceland and Cornwall, which served as the basis To the hypothesis of re-reading them as the work of the same sailing and colonizing people of Western Europe. The truth is that there are various interpretations such as the cult of the dead, possible trade delimitations. And none of them is generally accepted or proven.
Lake of Castiñeiras
Without doubt the best getaway for the whole family who wants to spend a picnic day taking advantage of the tables, roasters and benches.

A few meters from this space is the famous viewpoint of Cotorredondo, a perfect watchtower from where you can see all the Rías Baixas of the south and its surrounding towns.
La Granja de Briz is a small haven of peace located in the heart of MaríN. Also known as Park of the Senses, it is a perfect corner to disconnect that offers to the one who visits it infinity of activities through a trip by the five senses. A trip that is necessary to do with children's eyes. The entrance to the park is free and is ideal to go with the kids to spend a very pleasant and fun family day. You will find children's games, a green walk area and areas to enjoy. More than 23 thousand square meters of space.

The park of the senses is the perfect place to wrap yourself between nature and contemplate the beautiful views. A place where the senses will be the true protagonists.


Pontevedra, a city with a long tradition of maritime and mercantile, preserves one of the most important and elegant historical hulls of Galicia.
Only 7 km from Marín is the city of Pontevedra. The route through Pontevedra runs through typical shopping streets with names of guilds and granite squares such as Teucro, Cinco Calles or La Verdura until you reach the Basilica of Santa Maria. Built in the sixteenth century by the guild of sailors, this grandiose Renaissance temple achieved a great refinement in its forms. We can also visit the Basilica of La Peregrina (18th century), which keeps the image of the patron saint of the city, with its plant in the shape of a scallop work of the architect Antonio Souto, and the Convent of San Francisco, built in ogival style Late between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. It has a Latin cross plan, a head with three apses, and preserves several medieval sepulchres.
In the province of Pontevedra are two of the most important protected areas of Galicia. One of the most important is the National Park of the Atlantic Islands, which includes the Cies Islands, as well as the islands of Ons, Cortegada and Sálvora. Its steep coasts and its sands are home to thousands of migratory birds. The richness of both its fauna and flora and its seabed complete an ecosystem of incalculable ecological value.
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